Patch It Up song by Elvis Presley

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“Patch It Up” is a song by Elvis Presley, released in 1970. It is part of his album “That’s the Way It Is,” which served as the soundtrack for a documentary film of the same name. The song was written by Eddie Rabbitt and Rory Michael Bourke.

Here are some details about the song:

Title: Patch It Up
Artist: Elvis Presley
Album: That’s the Way It Is (Soundtrack)
Release Date: 1970
Genre: Rock, R&B

Background: “Patch It Up” is a dynamic and lively song that showcases Elvis Presley’s versatile vocal range. The lyrics of the song convey a plea for reconciliation and mending a broken relationship. The energetic and soulful delivery of the song is characteristic of Elvis’s style during this period.

Commercial Reception: While “Patch It Up” wasn’t released as a single, the album “That’s the Way It Is” received positive reviews and was well-received by Elvis fans. The album captured the essence of Elvis’s live performances during his Las Vegas years.

Legacy: “Patch It Up” remains a lesser-known track in Elvis’s vast catalog, but it is appreciated by fans for its upbeat tempo and Elvis’s spirited performance. The song is often featured in Elvis Presley compilations and retrospectives, allowing new audiences to discover this lively gem from his repertoire.

That’s the Way It Is: “That’s the Way It Is” was both a documentary film and a studio album by Elvis Presley. The documentary, directed by Denis Sanders, captured Elvis’s rehearsals and live performances in Las Vegas during the summer of 1970. The album featured live recordings from those performances as well as studio recordings, including “Patch It Up.”

Elvis’s Las Vegas shows during this period were characterized by a combination of rock, R&B, and ballads, showcasing the breadth of his musical influences and appealing to a diverse audience.

“Patch It Up” reflects the energetic and soulful style of Elvis Presley, making it a noteworthy inclusion in his extensive musical legacy.



We’ve got to patch it up baby
Before we fall apart at the seams
We’ve got to patch it up baby
In the time we travel in our dreams
Let’s go back and test it again
One more ride is all I ask
Get that feelin’, that old feelin’, it is here

We can patch it up baby,
We can patch it up baby,
We can patch it up baby,
Patch it up with all our dreams
We can patch it up baby,
Sweep out all the trouble of our heart
We’ve got to patch it up baby,
Before our difference pulls us apart

Let’s go where the good luck lies
Let us give it one more try
Do you feel it? That old feelin’?
Do you feel it?

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